Sinorock - The hollow bar company expanded dramatically and today it is one of the world’s leading hollow bar manufacturers distributing its products on every continent. Innovation remains at the heart of Sinorock’s success, including significant developments of torque controlled anchors and bonded anchor systems for safety critical applications.

The hollow anchor bolt manufacturer’s mission stresses two most important customers’ needs: high quality and innovation of the products. The satisfaction of the above needs is in the focus of interest of hollow anchor bolt companies. For many years now the company has been building its portfolio including middle and high-market products and has consistently been implementing product and process improvements, concentrating its competitive advantages on high quality and innovation. While formulating our new mission, we stressed our intention to continue the existing activities aimed at satisfying the needs of demanding customers, including professionals, looking for new, reliable and sustainable solutions.

We believe in Quality, and we decided from day one, to distinguish ourselves, by offering only high quality products to the market, knowing that this decision will make it difficult for us to be competitive, but we managed with our selected partners, to provide the market with the best products, and at competitive prices. 

Our philosophy of quality was the main reason behind the excellent reputation we enjoy today in the market, we are proud of our clean history, with no failures & no complaints, with loyal clients with whom we grew up.