At Sinorock, we are an experienced distributor of many types of self drilling hollow anchor bolt and other important products. With an expansive range covering over a dozen product categories, we have made ourselves into a convenient, single-point source for these important products.

The function of a self drilling hollow anchor is to provide anchorage of a structure to a solid substrate - either through active pre-tensioning of the ground anchor to the anchorage zone, or through passive anchorage via low lock–off loads (e.g. rock bolts). The main components of a ground anchor are the bonded length, free length and the anchorage. 

Nowadays, self drilling hollow anchor at home and abroad is moving to the effect of improving anchoring force, efficiency of support and expanding application range. It is believed that developing self drilling hollow anchor with plenty properties is an effect way to control high stress and big deformation, which is also the direction of self drilling hollow anchor’s development.

Use of the Sinorock’s self drilling anchor System for the Stabilization of your construction.As an important form of reinforcement in geotechnical engineering, Sinorock self drilling anchor System supporting is safe, effective, and economical, etc.